Sangaree Animal Hospital at Cane Bay

Senior Pet Care

At Sangaree Animal Hospital at Cane Bay, we have a special place in our hearts for senior pets. These lovable, mature animals have so much soul and wisdom in them, but they also require special medical care to keep them thriving deep into old age.

Caring For Your Senior Pet

We recommend that senior pets receive at least two routine wellness exams per year. That’s because aging pets can experience changes to their health much more suddenly than younger animals, with chronic conditions and even some cancers appearing and spreading quickly.

Even without serious illness, regular health exams for senior pets can help us recommend the best lifestyle, diet, and exercise needs for your pet based on their strength and level of vigor. Some senior pets have very limited mobility and are best served by getting lots of rest, while others benefit from continued exercise and high activity levels. These exams help us provide custom advice for you as their loving and caring owner.

We’ll also diagnose and help treat age-related issues such as arthritis, joint pain, and more, and recommend the best path forward in the event of cysts, tumors, and cancers— which are very common in senior pets.

Overall, we want to be your partner in helping ensure that your pet’s last few years are as fulfilling and comfortable as possible, from managing pain to treating serious illnesses.

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